Events, Clinics, Rides & Special Events

at Trek Bicycles of Highland Park

Bike Ride to Food Truck Thursday ~ Thursday, August 22nd

Bike Ride to Food Truck 

We'll start the ride at Trek HP and take the paved trail over to Food Truck Thursdays at Jens Jensen Park. Take your pick from one of the many food trucks and dine al fresco. There will be music and bags games. After we've filled our bellies we'll ride back to the shop.

Distance: Approx. 20 miles (paved trail and road)

Pace: Casual 14 mph

Flat Repair Clinic ~ Last Thursday of every month

Flat Repair Clinic

CLINIC: Flat Repairs & Building a Flat Repair Kit

The phone-a-friend tactic may be at your fingertips, but arming yourself with the basics is your most foolproof strategy for a flat tire. We are here to help you change your bicycle flat with confidence.

Get hands on experience at changing a flat tire. We will teach you step by step how it is done. How to take your wheel off the bike, how to remove the tire and tube, how to check what caused the flat, how to use a C02 inflator and cartridge, how to reinstall your tube, tire and wheel.

Wednesdays All Season Long! ~ TrekHP Shop Ride

TrekHP Shop Ride

The "TrekHP Shop Ride" is a no drop ride open to riders who can maintain at least 15 mph. We roll out from Trek Bicycle Store of Highland Park every Wednesday, weather permitting. Arrive early to change or prep your bike and be ready to roll out at 5:30pm.

Venus de Miles Women's Training Ride ~ August 28th

Venus de Miles Training Ride

Please join us for a fun women's training ride to get you ready for Venus de Miles!

Ride Details: Distance: 20 miles / Speed: 15-17mph

Route - We will start at the shop, go north on the trail across from highway 41, turn east on the trail by 176, then transition to the road at Ft. Sheridan and contiue through Highland Park and return to the shop on Park Ave.

*For Venus de Miles participants ONLY!