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Assos Spring/Fall Headband

Assos Spring/Fall Headband
This item is currently not available.


Light insulation for ears and forehead that puts dry comfort at the forefront of shoulder-season cycling.

In spring and fall, a little insulation goes a much longer way than you’d think, especially during hard efforts like punchy hill repeats or races. A lightly insulated headband keeps your ears and forehead protected from chill and wind while letting your body naturally regulate temperature through the head’s exposed crown.

The Spring Fall version of our Circular Seamless textile balances light, soft insulation with high breathability.

Extended width provides more breathable coverage, and multiple size options belie the one-size-fits-all myth perpetuated by other accessory brands.

SizeHead Circumference (inches)
O 18.9-20.9
I 21-22.8
II 22.9-24.8