Shinola Bicycles, Watches and Leather Goods

The Bixby by Shinola of Detroit, Made in America

We are Proud New Dealers of Shinola Bicycles, Watches and Leather Goods. Stop in and check out these new, high-quality, Made in America products.

"As makers of handcrafted watches, bicycles, leather goods & journal, we believe that products should be built to last, and they should be built right here in America. Shinola stands for skill at scale, the preservation of craft, the beauty of industry."

The heart and soul of a Shinola bicycle begins in the legendary Waterford Precision Cycles factory in Wisconsin, where our frames and forks are individually handcrafted by experts using lightweight double-butted chromoly steel. It's a process that requires an incredible amout of careful handwork performed by master craftsmen, many of whom have decades of experience working in the same factory. Once the frames and forks are finished, they're shipped to our Detroit workshop along with the rest of our components, including Shimano internal hubs and our Shinola leather saddles. 

Our master production mechanics, in Detroit, then hand-fit each component during the custom-level assembly. This close attention to each detail ensures that every bicycle that ships from our Detroit workshop delivers impeccable reliability and an unbeatably smooth and reponsive ride.

Shinola Handcrafted Watches from DetroitWatches

To build the first handmade watch in Detroit, wehad to build the first watch factory in Detroit. Our production line is among the most modern in the world, and our factory adheres to Swiss quality standards. Everythins is done by hand, from building our own movements to final assembly.

We chose the city because it knows how to make things, and has made them well for more than a century. We believe that if we can build watches here, we can build anything here.

Leather Goods

The leather used for Shinola watch straps and leather goods comes from Horween of Chicago, one of America'sShinola Leather iPhone case oldest tanneries, in continuous operation since 1905. Horween is one of the last tanneries in America still undertaking the full production process in-house, from raw unprocessed hides to fully finished leather.

They use proprietary vegetable-dye processes that produce leathers of remarkable softness and durability. It takes time to make leather this way and it's exceptionally labor-intensive, but Horween remains uncompromising in its methods. While most American tanneries have either closed their doors or moved operations overseas, Horween is still in business on the banks of the Chicago River. It's important for us to emphasize the handmade processes and work with people who fell the same way.

Leather from Horween is sent to the Eric Scott leatherworking factory in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri for cutting,stitchings, and additional fabrication. Their expert seamstresses and craftspeople, working predominantly by hand, create finished Shinola leather goods.